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Find your home value today

Our home price calculator has been built to help Australians estimate property values to get a better price when selling or to give them an indication of the equity in their homes. This follows’s goal to become Australia’s leading property data site.

Understanding that no automated value model (AVM) is ever 100% accurate, helps close this gap by allowing you to choose which comparable properties to use when estimating the value of your property. In an industry-first innovation you now also have the option to adjust your property’s attributes (bedrooms, bathrooms, parking spaces) to improve the accuracy of the calculation. With the information you provide us, our algorithm can highlight properties with similar attributes with which to compare your property and influence its final valuation estimate.

Selling your home soon? Get in contact with a real estate agent via the address page for your property. Rather than having to choose from hundreds of agents, we can place you in contact with your neighbourhood’s local real estate expert, who knows your area better than anybody else.

This tool is also available at while we transition to our new domain -, the property insights site.

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